Voter Services and Program - The Core of the League

The two core functions of the League of Women Voters are Voter Services and Program. Most League activities fall under one of these two areas.

As a newer League, our initial focus has been on Voter Services activities. Now that the elections are behind us and we have more experience as a League, we are eager to begin Program activities.

What are Voter Services and Program?

Voter Services is a year-round activity to help citizens be politically effective and to encourage their participation in the political process. Registering voters and presenting factual, nonpartisan information on candidates and election issues are basic voter services activities, i.e., all election related projects, activities. Voter Services can be thought of as voter education and empowerment. Examples of Voter Services activities we have performed include voter registration, Pros & Cons, candidate forums, Observer Corp, and Voters Edge. Find out about the Voter Services meetings and committees on the Committee Page.

If you are interested in participating in any of the Voter Services activities, contact the Chair, Jane Braga.

Program is the set of selected governmental issues chosen by members at the local, state and national levels for research and action. You can think of Program as our Action Agenda. The Program Committee researches local issues, becomes familiar with current LWV positions, informs membership and the community of issues, guides local League consensus and adoption of positions, and develops and proposes advocacy and action plans. Find out about the Program meetings and committees on the Committee Page.
Note: Program is NOT the same as Programs, which plans for speakers, discussion or other activities for League meetings.


The first step in developing Program is Program Planning.

What is Program Planning?

Program Planning is one of the important ways we focus our grassroots work to align ourselves with our mission and the priorities set forth by LWV National and State, as well as identify and serve local goals. It is the first step in the process to create an action agenda.


Housing and Homelessness Study Group

This February, we asked our local members to consider where our focus should be over the next two years and to share their thoughts by completing the Program Planning Survey, no later than March 1. The results are in and the issue of Homelessness was chosen as a priority by an overwhelming majority of our responding members.

If you are interested in participating in the Housing and Homelessness Study Group, please contact one of the co-chairs, Deborah Rei or Trudy Craig.