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Tell the Senate to support S2747

Write a Letter to the Editor of your local paper (Union Democrat link here. )

Track the progress of the bill here.

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In the coming days, the US Senate is expected to take the first procedural vote to advance the Freedom to Vote Act. The bill needs 60 votes to move forward in the Senate, and while it is not expected to reach this threshold to bypass the filibuster, this is only the beginning of the fight. 


If 60 senators do not vote for the bill, it will be necessary to change the process for passing critical legislation in our country like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. This may require a change to Senate rules because we cannot allow process to stand in the way of progress. We must continue to put the pressure on the legislature and the White House to do the right thing and truly make voting rights a priority. Please share our action alert and encourage your network to reach out to their senators.

The LWVUS has created talking points for Leagues to use when messaging about the Freedom to Vote Act. Additionally, they encourage you to read Jessica Jones Capparell's blog explaining what the bill entails.

Need a list of your local elected officials?

Go to the Tuolumne County page Your elected Officials.
This page lists all elected officials from President on down.




Need a list of your elected officials with links to websites, social media and contact information?

Go to https://myreps.datamade.us/