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Almost every month, our President, Pam Vlach, summarizes the activities and priorities of our League.

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September Opportunities

September 2021

What an exciting month to be a member of the League of Women Voters of the Mother Lode! To borrow a phrase, “This is the stuff that dreams are made of.” As League Members we have the opportunity to carry out one of the primary missions of the league — to help the citizens of Tuolumne and Calaveras Counties participate in the democratic process by providing  nonpartisan information regarding the Recall Election on September 14th.


If you missed last month’s General League Meeting and Jane Braga’s excellent presentation on the Recall Ballot, here is a brief overview. There are two questions: first, if the Governor should be recalled; and second, who should replace him as Governor if the recall vote is approved by the majority. Simply stated, if the Governor is recalled and voters don’t vote for  one of the candidates, they will not have a voice in the outcome.


Voters can go to to find information on the candidates. Also, if someone tells you they are not currently a registered voter and wants to vote, it’s not too late. Voters can register online at through August 30th and as late as Election Day at the County Election Office or any vote center. We can all be the voice to encourage people to participate in the democratic process.


I would also like to let you know of another wonderful opportunity to have a truly profound effect on our community. The League is in need of someone to chair Voter Registration. I worked in this position for the last two years and would be happy to talk to anyone about how rewarding this experience was and can be, or you can contact Jane Braga for more information. 


Have a great September!!!


Pam Valch                               


President, LWV of the Mother Lode