Announcing Our New Leadership!

Officers for 2021-2022

Our League recently elected new leadership for 2021-2022. On June 28th, the Board recognized the change in leadship with a special, in-person meeting and picnic on the grounds of the Indigeny Reserve.  

Incoming officers are Pam Vlach, President; Susan  Medeiros, Vice President; Cris Barsanti, Treasurer; and Dorene Hensler, Recording Secretary.  Other Board Members are Nan Fuller, Communications; Jane Braga, Voter Services; Patti  Cherry, Membership; Sue Osborn, Publicity; and co-chairs Trudy Craig and Deborah Rei,  Program.

New Board.png


If you would like to email a specific Committee Chair or Board Member directly,
just click the email link in the table below to send that person an email. 

You can also reach us in any of the following ways:

  • Call us at 209-454-0904

  • Write to us at PO Box 5393, Sonora, CA 95370